Shamanic Work Sessions may include Chakra Balancing, Spiritual Cleansing, Soul Retrieval, Soul Extraction, Soul Escorting (souls trapped between realms-moving on) , Cord Cutting, Soul Transformation (release the darkness, takes your shadow with it), Reiki Healing, Sound Massage, Sacred Geometry, Crystal Healing. There is more work going on than meets the eye. The shaman prepares herself and puts out a strong call to the spirits to come to aid in the healing session. The healer must call to the energy of the healing and begin drawing it toward herself. She may have to go on diagnostic journeys. A good deal of preparation goes into the healing before the healer has the healing session with you. A good healer knows she must come into the healing session with the right state of mind. She spends time meditating or centering before she arrives. If the work is a shamanic extraction it may take a lot of effort on the healer’s part to remove the blocks from you. The shaman must build herself up to be a strong magnet to pull the misplaced energy out of you. If the work is a soul retrieval she puts a good amount of effort into the search to find your missing pieces. When the shaman has a healing session she creates an energetic boundary, a container. This means the shamanic expands her own energetic field extending from her body until it encompasses the whole room or the entire building in some cases. The container is filled with the healing energy she has called and that of the spirits. She holds the energy in place for the length of the healing session and extended time until everyone has exited the container’s safe space. The shaman provides the pathway for helping spirits so they can stay anchored in the room. With each additional person being added to a healing ceremony or a workshop, it takes that much more effort to hold the healing space. The space needs to be that much bigger and stronger. The better the container the more effort that is involved to build and hold it. The better the container the much deeper the healing for the one(s) being healed. * No Refunds on Services *