#HFJNES1400-04, Archangel Collection: Michael Michael, Necklace. Made with Sterling Silver noodles, Sugilite, a rare purple cyclosilicate mineral, Amethyst, and Swarovski crystal. Classy wearable art to dress-up any outfit.

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Archangel Michael represents courage, faith, power, protection, strength. His colors are cobalt blue, purple, and gold. These colors also are associated with the chakra points of our body. Blue is for the third eye. Purple is for the crown. Gold is the color of Michael's swords of power.

Sugilite opens all the chakras to a flow of love and inspiring spiritual awareness. It helps the soul remember its reason for incarnating and to live from that truth. It protects the soul from trauma and negative experiences helping to alleviate grief and fear; helps to release anger, guilt, and resentment; puts us in touch with our inner source of strength and light; dreams, spiritual protection and purification.

Amethyst is a stone of peace, calms fears, raises hopes, lifts spirits, strengthens commitments and increases psychic awareness.

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