HFJN1300-23, Goddess Collection: Cupra Healing Light of the Heart Cupra is the Etruscan Fertility Goddess. She was considered one of the Nine Great Gods who had the ability to throw thunderbolts. Cupra is a mother Goddess of fertility and the earth, of mothers and giving birth.

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Jet black glass beads scalloped with Aventurine. Green Aventurine is associated with the heart chakra, protects the heart from psychic attack, is a great healing stone of the broken heart. The lesson is to love yourself first, heal the inner wounded child. Increases perception and creativity.
What are you giving birth to in your creativeness?

The necklace is 16" long. This necklace is classy for day wear to work or visiting friends and family, elegant for evening wear.

Goddess Collection:
Cupra, Healing Light of the Heart